MIOPS Smart+ Phone High Speed Remote Trigger for Canon #2 Cameras (Sub Mini)

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MIOPS Smart - Camera & Flash Trigger for High Speed Photography - YouTube

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MIOPS Smart - Camera & Flash Trigger for High Speed Photography - YouTube

In order to use the laser function, please search 'UKH0022' or 'UKH0023' for laser pointers we offer - which are guaranteed to work. Small laser pointers for office use will not work. If you need to use it in daylight, you may need to DIY a small shield around the sensor. 

Please note the E3 connecting cable is already included in this package.

The Miops smart is only compatible with smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0.

Successfully Funded at Kickstarter in 2014

MIOPS Smart – Take your photography skills to a whole new level.

MIOPS Smart delivers all of the features required for high-speed photography in a single unit and provides advanced features via a total integration with the smart-phone platform. It will make taking creative photos so easy that you will have the opportunity to reveal your skills with great shots. MIOPS Smart will be your favourite photography equipment.
With MIOPS Smart
You will have unique features!

MIOPS Smart is a high-speed camera trigger with multiple modes combined in a single box with all built-in sensors. In order to use the available modes of MIOPS Smart, you don’t need to add anything else. Everything is already in the unit and ready to use.
Smartphone Controllable
IOS & Android Support

The real potential of MIOPS Smart is revealed by the smartphone application (app). The app offers many advantages and features.
Upgradable Firmware
Open to New Features

MIOPS Smart has an upgradable firmware. It is open to new features and upgrades are free for lifetime.
Rechargeable Battery
USB Charging is Available

You are able to charge MIOPS Smart with any USB charger thanks to its Li-On battery.
Advanced Scenarios
Combination of Multiple Sensors

You can create a custom scenario with up to five different steps. In each step, MIOPS Smart can use either the same or a different sensor.

See compatibility below:

Check out their video below:

What Operation modes does Miops Smart have?

Lightning Mode
Ideal for Lightning Strikes
Even this mode is called lightning, there is actually so much more about it. Lightning is only one of the events that MIOPS Smart can detect with its light sensor. When the lightning strikes, MIOPS Smart detects in a few nanoseconds and triggers your camera. There is virtually no delay other than the lag time of the camera.

Sound Mode
Popping Balloons, Breaking Glasses
When it is all about high-speed photography, the sound mode is the mode where things get serious. This is the essential mode to take high-speed pictures in a controlled studio environment. MIOPS Smart can trigger your flash unit or your camera.

Laser Mode
Exploding Items, Water Droplets
MIOPS Smart can detect laser beams as well. The idea is very simple. If the laser beam is broken, then there must be something happened. And most of the time something happens in milliseconds, but it is not a big deal for MIOPS Smart. The laser beam is so thin, even a water drop can break it.

Timelapse Mode
Create Timelapse Videos
MIOPS Smart benefits from the electronics and software to take sequential pictures within a time period with the equal time difference between each of them. Specify the exposure of the pictures just per your wish. After you have adjusted parameters, MIOPS Smart will take care of the rest. You can do the adjustment on MIOPS Smart itself or you can also use the smartphone application to configure MIOPS Smart.

HDR Mode
High Dynamic Range Photos
MIOPS Smart does here again a fantastic job by achieving highest precision and providing the best time savings. After you have specified the centre exposure and step up/down numbers, MIOPS Smart triggers your camera exactly per the settings. You don’t need to do anything manually.

Scenario Mode
Combination of Multiple Sensors
The app brings the functionality of MIOPS Smart to the ultimate level. On top of the basic modes, it adds a very cool feature called “Scenario”. What does this mean? In this mode, you can create a custom scenario with up to five different steps. In each step, MIOPS Smart can use either the same or a different sensor.

Compatibility List

This Miops comes with a C2 cable for below Canon cameras.

  • EOS R, 2000D, 1500D, 1300D, 1200D, 1100D, 1000D
  • EOS 200D, 77D, M6, M5, 8000D, 800D, 80D
  • EOS 760D, 750D, 700D, 70D, 650D, 600D, 60D
  • EOS 550D, 500D, 450D, 400D, 350D, 300D, 100D
  • EOS SX60 HS, SX50 HS
  • EOS R, R10, R6, R6 mk2, R7, RP, Ra
  • Powershot G16, G15, G12, G11, G10, G1X, G1 X MK2, G3X, G5X
  • Olympus E-M1 Mark II, E-M1X
  • Contax 645, Contax N, Contax N Digital, Contax N1, Contax NX
  • Hasselblad H, H1, H1D, H2, H3D, H4D-200MS, H4D-31, H4D-40, H4D-50, H4D-50MS, H4D-60
  • Pentax 645D, 645Z, istD, istDL, istDS, K1, K-3, K-3 II, K-5, K-5 II, K-50, K-7D, K-7
  • Pentax K100D, K10D, K200D, K500D, K20D, K30D, K50D, MZ-6, MZ-L, ZX-L
  • Samsung GX-1L, GX-1S, NX-10, NX-100, NX-11, GX-20, GX-10
  • Fujifilm X-E1, X-E2, X-T1, X-T2, X-T3, X-T4
  • Fujifilm GFX 100, GFX 50R, GFX 50S
  • Sigma SD1, SD1 Merrill, SD15
  • LYTRO Illum
  • PowerShot G9 NOT SUPPORTED
  • Powershot N NOT SUPPORTED
  • PowerShot S100 NOT SUPPORTED
  • PowerShot S110 NOT SUPPORTED
  • PowerShot S120 NOT SUPPORTED
  • PowerShot S90 NOT SUPPORTED
  • PowerShot S95 NOT SUPPORTED
  • PowerShot SX510 HS NOT SUPPORTED

Package Contents:

  • MIOPS Smart trigger x 1
  • Cable-C2 x 1
  • USB Charge Cable x 1
  • Sync Cable x 1
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